We are energetic not psychological beings

Energetic rather than psychological

The body does not work on psychological principles. We did not have complex thinking or language until the later stages of our evolution.

As mammals we used other mechanisms to communicate and co-operate and that mechanism was energy. We are part of the universe we exist in, we can’t see it but we communicate in energetic ways. We can sense tension, excitement, fear. It is not a psychological process, it is an energetic process, where we respond to what is going on around us.

This concept is of fundamental importance to the way we operate as human beings and the route of the subject of non-verbal communication. Understanding the energetic impact we have on each other as human beings is that has not been sufficiently integrated into and understood within organisations but it will need to be in the future.

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Victoria believes that the problems we face today are inseparable from who we are and the decisions that our brain makes for us without us even realising. Victoria works with her clients to help them understand themselves and the different behaviours that result from their brain and body intelligence systems. She advocates moving away from what you know to who you are as a person. 

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