Podcast 6 - Making Sense of Confidence


Introducing Episode 6 of "Making Sense of Neuroscience and Humans at Work," where hosts Vic and Clive delve into the intriguing subject of confidence.

In this episode, they explore the elusive nature of confidence, dissecting its roots in memory and the impact of past experiences on present-day confidence levels. Vic and Clive discuss strategies for overcoming under confidence, emphasising the importance of understanding and challenging negative self-talk. They also examine the role of emotions in performance, offering insights into building genuine confidence through deliberate practice and self-awareness. Join them as they navigate the complexities of confidence and offer practical advice for enhancing self-assurance in various aspects of life.


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For those engaged in leading, developing and supporting people in organisations, this book explains the inner workings of the brain and its role in determining our thoughts, feelings and instincts and examines the role of the heart and gut as part of our wider intelligence system.


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