Podcast 2 - How to make sense of our impact on others?

In this episode we look at how to make sense of our impact of others.

Many leaders and managers come to coaching sessions concerned about whether they are having the impact on others that they want to have. Do I inspire others? Do others respect me? Am I seen as a good leader? These are common questions. Less common questions are….Why do I need other people’s approval? Did my intention match my impact? Who am I when I am my authentic self?

This episode explores three key areas which will help you understand your impact on others:

Self-awareness. Most people are not that self-aware. The reality is there is a complex chain of reactions within us which we do not really understand and these set our internal frameworks. Do you have the courage to get out of the cage that others want you to be in and find your own way to perform your own journey?

Intention – What did you intend to achieve? Did that intention match your attention? In order to have the impact we want on others our intention needs to match where we place our attention. Often we start with a good intention and get thrown off track because we don’t like the response we are getting. The problems come when what we get back is a different response to the one we intended to achieve. How do you stay on track?

Feedback - Why are we afraid of new information which challenges the story we have told ourselves about who we are. Most of the feedback we receive is judgment and we are afraid of judgment. Our brain processes a lot more information about threat and the interpretation of that threat than it does about opportunity and so it will focus its intention on that threat. Is the feedback you give and receive based on information rather than judgment?

Happy listening!


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