Podcast 1 - Why is Neuroscience relevant to the Workplace?

Keeping up to date with the science behind what makes people tick is essential to realising our own potential but also the potential of those we work with. This fast-evolving subject is critical to the workplace.

Making Sense of Neuroscience and Humans at Work explores what happens in the brain and the wider body intelligence system alongside the concept of energetic connection to help equip leaders, managers and HR Professionals to create constructive cultures and bring out the best in their people.

The more we can build a reliable understanding of the human brain and intelligence system the more we can understand what goes on below the surface of human behaviour as well as the psychology of what goes on above the surface. Given our brains are shaped by the people and circumstances around us, we have an individual and collective responsibility to help make that a constructive experience.

This is essential to positively influence change, communicate more effectively, build high performing teams, make better decisions and create those thriving cultures that are often talked about but not always achieved.


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The Neuro Edge brings the complex world of neuroscience into everyday relevance.

For those engaged in leading, developing and supporting people in organisations, this book explains the inner workings of the brain and its role in determining our thoughts, feelings and instincts and examines the role of the heart and gut as part of our wider intelligence system.


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