Victoria Hall.

Victoria Hall is an employment lawyer, coach, trainer, speaker and author specialising in people led organisational change.

A former RAF officer, practising employment lawyer and HR Professional, Victoria has spent over 25 years working on or within change programmes and has seen the struggles that result from what she refers to as fake change instead of real, sustainable change.

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Victoria Hall

Clive Hyland.

Clive Hyland is a thought leader, author and speaker on leadership, corporate strategy and advanced human performance.

All his work underpinned by his experience of neuroscience study and research. Since 2005, Clive Hyland has been working, primarily with business leaders and their teams addressing strategic and cultural challenges.

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Clive Hyland

Amanda Morgan.

Amanda is an experienced leadership facilitator, and her passion is executive coaching and mentoring for individuals with emerging potential; developing leaders; and individuals interested in career transition. As a coach, Amanda has a reputation for being both supportive and challenging.

As a coach supervisor, she takes an integrative and relational approach to supervision drawing on different psychological theories working in partnership with her supervisees, for the benefit of them, their clients and, where appropriate, the organisations within which their clients work.

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Amanda Morgan

Eleanor Beer.

Eleanor is a visual recorder and Strategist who loves helping organisations to simplify their communications and picture their visions, to help people feel truly seen and heard.

Eleanor visually captures events and conferences, helps team performance by picturing and facilitating strategies and visualises company visions to help guide organisations on their paths to success. She is also a welsh speaker.

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Eleanor Beer

Liz Oseland.

Liz is involved in the design, delivery and assessment of accredited and bespoke leadership and coaching programmes for team leaders up to Director level.

Through 1-2-1 coaching she focuses on goal setting with clients around: strategic thinking; transformational leadership; career coaching; shifting perspectives for confidence building; personal effectiveness for individual and team performance and mindfulness coaching for work-life-balance to reduce stress and conflict. As an OpenGenius Global Master Trainer and Coach, Liz introduces innovative techniques to creatively overcome barriers, whilst taking practical steps to make a change. She is also a Trained Advanced Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials.

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Liz Oseland

Manjula Bray.

Manjula is an established business psychologist and executive coach with a focus on assessment, selection and development.

Her HR background enables her to appreciate perspectives from both employer and employee when it comes to recruitment, career challenges and aspirations.

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Manjula Bray


About the Company.

Make Sense Ltd helps organisations to release people potential through leadership coaching, training and strategy facilitation. Its unique approach encourages personal and collective change to drive organisational performance and sustainability, all underpinned by neuroscience. Its methodology centres on “powerful simplicity” delivered through a suite of contextual business and personal performance frameworks which support leaders to address the strategic development needs of their organisation, as well as the personal transition needs they are likely to face along the way.

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