Podcast 5 - Making Sense of Failure


In this episode, we explore the common experience of setting high expectations and facing failure when challenges aren't met.

What exactly is failure? We delve into this question, emphasising how easily people give in to setbacks. It's crucial to be honest with ourselves about the changes we truly need to make. We discuss the importance of choosing sustainable actions, even if they start with small steps. Sometimes, simplicity is key, especially when facing burnout or the need for change.

Setting a non-negotiable plan of action is essential. We share personal experiences, like Victoria's running challenge, highlighting the power of commitment. Our brains naturally gravitate towards the familiar, so we discuss the necessity of emotional backup for challenges. Passion fuels commitment, making every challenge worthwhile.

Why do we create barriers to our goals? We explore this question and emphasise the importance of making tasks as easy as possible. Accountability plays a significant role, as demonstrated by Victoria's charity fundraising. This accountability keeps us on track and ignites our passion.

According to science, growth occurs just beyond our comfort zones. Failure only becomes truly negative when we fail to learn from it. We encourage embracing setbacks as opportunities for growth and making the necessary adjustments to succeed.

Join us as we uncover the science behind these barriers and much more on the Making Sense Podcast.


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