Podcast 3 - Making Sense Of Our Emotions


In this episode there are two parts. The first part looks at how to make sense of our emotions and the second part has a focus on the really under represented emotion of shame.

Many people talk about emotional intelligence or wanting to change their behaviours without really understanding where those behaviours come from. In an evolutionary context we developed emotional connection to allow us to cooperate in groups. The way emotions work in the body is not black and white. Emotions are varied and messy. So when we are talking about emotions, things can be very important, not very important, very positive or very negative. Emotions demand action, but what action should we take?

This episode explores three key areas which will help you make sense of your emotions:

The importance of emotional balance in health and wellbeing. To be in a real state of health and wellbeing we need to be in balance. Negative emotions are our body telling us we out of balance and body has to work harder to cope with that state.

The role of self-compassion and slowing down in managing emotional responses. The brain processes emotional responses much faster than thoughts and so we need to take time to give our reflective brain a chance to work out why we are feeling defensive and respond in a way that is helpful to us.

How to stop letting shame hold you back. There is nothing wrong with shame. It is a human emotion. Shame is simply our body trying to help us but it can lead to unhealthy responses including underperformance, under confidence, withdrawal, isolation and depression. Learning how to handle shame is important to determining if it will protect us or endanger us.

Happy listening!


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