Resilience - the ongoing ability to cope with challenges that confront us and the role of belief

Resilience - the ongoing ability to cope with the challenges that confront us in a way that is not harmful. Clive Hyland explains the huge impact of belief on the ability to keeping get up and going. When you have nothing to believe in it is difficult to give the best of yourself. How do we make sure we are in a place that we are doing something we believe in. The opposite to stress and a different mix of hormones involved. When we are positively engaged, motivated, inspired, the hormone DHEA (an energy giver) floods our body and directly gives us the ability to engage and perform. We have more energy available to us. Our petrol tank is full. If we keep that tank topped up we can access energy to deal with challenges that lie ahead. When we are engaged in what we believe in we constantly give ourselves energy. We can learn techniques to stay resilience but the place of belief is key and often overlooked.


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Victoria believes that the problems we face today are inseparable from who we are and the decisions that our brain makes for us without us even realising. Victoria works with her clients to help them understand themselves and the different behaviours that result from their brain and body intelligence systems. She advocates moving away from what you know to who you are as a person. 

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