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Fundamentally old techniques for leading and managing people cannot be relied on anymore. They don’t work. The future lies in taking a completely fresh look at what gets the best out of people within an organisational context. How does an organisation and its people bind itself together, become on the same side?  

We have tended to design environments that hold people back. We put people in boxes with labels and surround them with fears and structure. We have tried to get people to work in an environment which does not suit them for a cause they do not believe in and it has not worked. A leader’s role is not to know best but to create the best environment for people to thrive. To create belief, vision and energy. If people cannot see what they are part of they cannot follow it. Leaders are no longer just owners of strategy, they are owners of a collective energy force which can drive their organisation forward.

How we can help?

The Future of Leadership – how to achieve real change not fake change  

The course is designed to be delivered over 4 days, once a quarter, but can be broken down into modules. All training is backed up by neuroscientific insight and each day will allow time for discussion about practical steps around implementation of the learning.

Day 1 looks at the human experience and will cover:
• The evolution of our brains and how that drives our behaviour.
• The importance of understanding the whole human intelligence system and our energetic connection.
• Impact of understanding yourself on communication styles.

Day 2 looks at what can hold us back:
• Intelligent emotions.
• What holds us back.
• Overcoming fear.

Day 3 looks at the features of a successful future organisation:
• Culture.
• Collaboration.
• Structure.

Day 4 Consolidation and review of practical applications:
• Latest thinking in leadership arena.
• Discussion of organisation’s blockers to change.
• What happens next.

Leadership Strategic Alignment Framework. 

Our Leadership Strategic Alignment Framework takes a leadership team on a journey from vision through to brand realisation answering six key strategic questions about which all businesses need to be clear.

What is your vision, core value proposition, cultural value, product, positioning and distribution?

This typically involves a series of top team facilitation workshops, the design of plans to cascade the transformation to the business and a series of training events on cultural transformation throughout the organisation.

Alongside this leaders are offered one to one coaching and train the trainer sessions to allow them to confidently pass on the messages and learning.

Building a sustainable organisation with sustainable, high performing teams.  

This training day will explain the fundamentals of human science and will offer a more productive and sustainable way forward at the personal and team level. It will cover radical and relevant insights into human behaviour; what makes us tick and perform as well as an opportunity for delegates to design their own bespoke strategy to take away back into their work place.

Group and team facilitation

Leadership and vision.

Set up and guidance for co-coaching forums

Strategic alignment framework.

Training for coaches - The Butterfly Model

Change programme design and delivery.

Top Team Facilitation

Creating sustainable organisations.


Latest Shaping Change Insights.

Stay up to date with the latest thinking in Neuroscience.


Do not under estimate the role of emotions in human behaviour
02 October 2019

Do not under estimate the role of emotions in human behaviour

Clive Hyland warns us not to under estimate the role of emotions in human behaviour.

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We are a product of our DNA and life experiences
01 October 2019

We are a product of our DNA and life experiences

Our life experiences are the sum of what we have learnt to pay attention to.

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Predominately we respond subconsciously
18 September 2019

Predominately we respond subconsciously

Most of our emotional responses to life are framed by around the age of 7.

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What our clients say.

I really enjoyed the course. Clive is obviously passionate and knowledgeable and was willing to debate and converse regarding the subject matter, something not all trainers are. The venue was also great, with excellent food and drink making facilities. I would certainly recommend.
Nick Hibberd – Vista Support

About the Company.

Make Sense Ltd helps organisations to release people potential through leadership coaching, training and strategy facilitation. Its unique approach encourages personal and collective change to drive organisational performance and sustainability, all underpinned by neuroscience. Its methodology centres on “powerful simplicity” delivered through a suite of contextual business and personal performance frameworks which support leaders to address the strategic development needs of their organisation, as well as the personal transition needs they are likely to face along the way.  

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