Resilience, performance and productivity.

Change is not a problem but the pace of change is. People are running out of energy as their attention is drawn to an ever increasing number of challenges technically and personally.  

The demands on us are increasing every day. We live in an emotionally, physically more and more toxic environment. This forces us as human beings into a state of withdrawal. When we are withdrawn we do not connect with others and we are less efficient in the use of our energy. We are in survival mode. Our pre-occupation in this state is dealing with threat. The outcome of this is stress.

Stress is not a natural state for human beings. We want to be in balance.

In survival mode, people are in a sub-optimal state and can achieve compliance but never performance. There is always an element of fight, flight or freeze. Creating safe and healthy environments gives people a better chance to move into a place of growth. Although there does not tend to be any grizzly bears hiding behind desks we are constantly confronting social threats which affect our behaviour and of which we may not even be aware. Am I good enough? Will I be found out? What do my colleagues think of me? Can I present to the Board?

Resilience, performance and productivity require daily disciplines. None of them are emergency solutions to be tapped into when desperate. You can not wake up one day and be resilient if you have run out of steam. You cannot perform to your best on one moment’s effort and you cannot be productive for one day and not worry about the rest.

All of these are a return on investment. A return on commitment and keys to sustainable success.

We work with people to ensure they can maintain a connection to these three parts of their life so that can continuously improve their contribution and personal growth/ potential.

We look at what motivates people and what personal anchors can be used to stay on track when the water gets choppy.

What we do?

Intelligent Emotions.  

This half day or full day course takes a deep dive into the human intelligence system. It covers how we are emotionally and instinctively driven human beings. Thoughts are not as powerful and so ignoring this significant driver of human behaviour is at our peril.

Emotions have a hugely significant role in our performance as human beings and are far more intelligent than we give them credit, hence we call this course Intelligent Emotions and not Emotional Intelligence.

This fun and interactive course raises awareness of the importance of how we feel in acknowledging what is going on for us and also to be considerate and understanding of what is going on for our colleagues, customers, family and friends.

Resilience – the art of energy management.  

This one day course looks at resilience in terms of non-resilience. We tend to call that stress. We will cover:
• Understanding what it means to be resilient / understanding yourself.

• Spotting the signs of stress.

• Knowing what to do about it. Make Sense Ltd’s unique 4 Pillars of Resilience model which matches resilience to the different brain regions, keeping the whole person on the right path.

Achieving high performing people and teams.  

This training day will explain the fundamentals of human science and will offer a more productive and sustainable way forward at the personal and team level. It will cover radical and relevant insights into human behaviour; what makes us tick and perform as well as an opportunity for delegates to design their own bespoke strategy to take away back into their work place.

Effective communication

Effective communication.

High performing teams

High performing teams.




Emotional intelligence.


Latest Resilience, Performance & Productivity Insights.

Stay up to date with the latest thinking in Neuroscience.


Podcast 3 - Making Sense Of Our Emotions
02 November 2023

Podcast 3 - Making Sense Of Our Emotions

How to make sense of our emotions and the really under represented emotion of shame.

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Podcast 2 - How to make sense of our impact on others?
27 September 2023

Podcast 2 - How to make sense of our impact on others?

Making sense of Neuroscience and Humans at work. How to make sense of our impact on others?

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Podcast 1 - Why is Neuroscience relevant to the Workplace?
09 August 2023

Podcast 1 - Why is Neuroscience relevant to the Workplace?

Making sense of Neuroscience and Humans at work. Why is Neuroscience relevant to the Workplace?

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What our clients say.

Clive’s understanding of how the brain and body work together and effect our wellness, performance and productivity is insightful. I loved the explanation about how we can get into the zone and perform at a different level. I have never heard that approach before and I certainly want to get into that place where I can thrive 
CEO, Housing Association

About the Company.

Make Sense Ltd helps organisations to release people potential through leadership coaching, training and strategy facilitation. Its unique approach encourages personal and collective change to drive organisational performance and sustainability, all underpinned by neuroscience. Its methodology centres on “powerful simplicity” delivered through a suite of contextual business and personal performance frameworks which support leaders to address the strategic development needs of their organisation, as well as the personal transition needs they are likely to face along the way.  

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