We always allocate a dedicated Associate who will be your point of contact.  We want to help you realise your business through culture, strategy and people.  We underpin all our support with neuroscientific inisghts and people data to ensure that any interventions and change strategies work and achieve your objectives.


Business Support Services include:

• Strategic Alignment - revisiting vision, purpose, values and business proposition.

• Leadership Skills Training and alignment.

• Undertanding key drivers of performance.

• Finance for non-finance leaders.

• HR for non-HR leaders.


HR Services include:

• Managing culture and organisational change.

• Undertanding the science behind the key drivers of human behaviour.

• Managing redundancies, TUPE and changes to terms and conditions.

• Operational support for day-to-day compliance and support with workplace investigations.

• Employee engagement surveys and team diagnostics.

• Employee wellbeing, stress managment and burnout prevention. 

• Employment tribual support.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised, expert service that brings huge value to you and your organisation.

For a full range of services offered, please contact us on 07900 980002 or email us at [email protected] for further information.

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What our clients say.

Clive’s understanding of how the brain and body work together and effect our wellness, performance and productivity is insightful. I loved the explanation about how we can get into the zone and perform at a different level. I have never heard that approach before and I certainly want to get our people into that place where they can thrive 
CEO, Housing Association

About the Company.

Make Sense Ltd helps organisations to release people potential through leadership coaching, training and strategy facilitation. Its unique approach encourages personal and collective change to drive organisational performance and sustainability, all underpinned by neuroscience. Its methodology centres on “powerful simplicity” delivered through a suite of contextual business and personal performance frameworks which support leaders to address the strategic development needs of their organisation, as well as the personal transition needs they are likely to face along the way.  

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