Our team specalises in providing practical employment law support that is solution and outcome focused.  The first question will always be 'what are you trying to acheive' and we will help you do that.  Our team of lawyers are hand picked beacuse of their ability to realte to client experiences and build meaningful relationships.  We do not use jargon, we are not arrogant and we do not assume we know what is best for you! By utilising our network, you can rest assured that you have the right person providing the right service at the right cost and we will manage that for you.

Our areas of particlaur interest are:

• Employment Law Updates

• Employment Law for HR

• The employee life cycle training – Employment Law Essentials

• The impact of employment law on organisational change planning 

• Recruitment and retention – do and don’t!

• Conducting workplace investigations – The legal and the human

• Mock Tribunals

• Managing poor performance, attendance and conduct

• Negotiation skills

• The Human Lawyer – People Skills Essentials Toolkit

• Settlement Agreements

• Employment Law Training

• Employment tribunals

• Wellbeing for lawyers

• Career managment for lawyers

• Creating teamwork within lawfirms

We also offer a wealth of employment law training for lawyers, HR professionals and anyone managing or leading people. 

We work with consultants across all other areas of law should your business require wider assistance outside of employment law.

Please contact us on 07900 980002 or email us at vhall@trymakingsense for further information.


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What our clients say.

Victoria and her team are fantastic at translating complex legal solutions into practical and useful action plans which meet the needs of the business whilst also protecting it.  It is clear they really care about their clients.
Head of HR, Professional Services 

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Make Sense Ltd helps organisations to release people potential through leadership coaching, training and strategy facilitation. Its unique approach encourages personal and collective change to drive organisational performance and sustainability, all underpinned by neuroscience. Its methodology centres on “powerful simplicity” delivered through a suite of contextual business and personal performance frameworks which support leaders to address the strategic development needs of their organisation, as well as the personal transition needs they are likely to face along the way.  

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The Neuro Edge brings the complex world of neuroscience into everyday relevance.

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